The new `Hauswirtschaftliche Schule Albstadt-Ebingen´ is one of Baden-Württemberg´s vocational schools for home economics and social education. As a result of a reform  the two vocational schools for home economics in Balingen and Albstadt merged into one new big vocational school in 2004.
Our school is now located in a renovated and modernized building in Albstadt-Ebingen providing the attractive offer of ten different school types.
In it 600 full-time students, 40 part-time students and 50 trainees are taught by 70 teachers in 29 full-time and 3 part-time classes.
With four different school types specializing in social education, Albstadt has become a regional centre of competence in this field.
In the two high schools (grammar schools), which are specialized in biotechnology and nutritional science, an interesting and specific range of subjects is offered, which makes both schools stand out.
Furthermore, our students have the possibility of getting the first public examination in secondary school (Fachschulreife/GCSE) or to complete the compulsory school attendance in one-year courses.
As a school taking part in the ‘
programme’ we are determined to secure and improve our pedagogic quality.
After the new beginning, students, parents, teachers and the team of principals look to the future with confidence and want to enhance a school with a good atmosphere and a good learning and teaching environment.

OStD Wolfgang Wunder