für den Hörverstehenstest
National Public Radio
Living on Earth
BBC Listen to programmes about British kids, music, London life and many other things. There are even questions and exercises that let you test how well you' ve understood. The speakers are usually Bristish.
Vocabulary This website is like an illustrated dictionary because it tells you the names of many things. But you can also hear how to pronounce the words in American English.
Stories and texts Here you can listen and read along to many texts and stories. For beginners there are lists of new words. But there are three difficulty levels, and the texts cecome longer and more difficult. The texts are read in British English.
Radio Choose from different radio stations and - by choosing the country - you can decide what kind of English you hear.
Youth Radio Listen to reports on many different topics. The young journalists in the podcast usuallly speak American English.  
POD ON   by   Spoton New Podcast every Monday about NEWS, STARS, LANGUAGE and many other topics from the magazine.